Costume Care

Before washing, put garment in a Ziploc Bag, and place the
bag in the freezer over night. This kills the bacteria that causes mildew and odour.

Sequins and/or Marabou Trim

Sequins and trim must be removed before immersing your garment in water. Gently wash your costume in cold water and lay flat once the embellishments have been removed. Trims can be reapplied after the garment is completely dry.


We do not recommend you wash your costume if it has crinoline. Getting the fabrics that crinolines are generally made from wet will result in losing the crisp finish that organdy & tulle materials are known for. No one wants a droopy crinoline!!

We are happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to caring for your costume, we are an email, or phone call away.

Sequins and Lycra

Sequins and Velvet


If your costume is constructed of lycra or velvet, it can be machine washed on the gentle cycle in cold water, and laid flat to dry. It is best to avoid dryers, as it breaks down the elasticity in the garment over time.

Costumes constructed with mystiques (shiny material), or other heat-applied foils can also be washed on the gentle cycle in cold water and laid flat to dry. Multiple washes may cause the metal foil finish to dull. If your garment has some glitter; turn the costume inside out, hand wash in cold water, and lay flat to dry. Once again, over time you may notice that the glitter sheds.

Spot washing costumes in between wears helps with freshness. Wet a cloth and use
gentle detergent and wash from the inside of the garment.

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