Custom Costume Design

“The process of creating costumes for dancers starts long before we get to the sewing part.”
Stacey Gonder, Lead Designer

The Flash Design Co Experience

For 20 years, Flash Design Co has stayed true to our vision; creating QUALITY dance wear, that is customized to fit the energy, personality, and vision of our individual clients. We believe in quality over quantity, and we remain committed to exceptional customer service! 

The Flash Design Co. Experience Includes:

1. Expression Session

The Expression Session, is when and where we have an opportunity to discuss: service agreements, budgets, deadlines, measurements and Flash Fitting dates with our clients. This discussion will include any unique requirements that you and/or your studio may have in addition to your personalized designs, fabric selections and all things costumes! We now offer this service virtually in addition to our classic in-person consultations at the FDC production studio.

2. Measuring Up

We are aware of the recent changes in and around the dance/performance community. We have adapted to these changes by now offering step-by-step virtual tutorials to assist you with the measuring process of your students. Accurate body measurements are one of the keys to a great fit for all costumes. To ensure this goes smoothly we are here to help.  All you will need is: a measuring tape and your Flash Design Co. Measurement Chart. Click here to download your Flash Design Co Measuring Chart. We will guide you through the rest!

3. Costume Construction

Now it is time for our team to bring your costumes to life. Each costume has its own style, and complexity. The drafting, the cutting of the pieces of the garment, and assembly are done with care and consideration. We utilize the shapes, colours, and fabrics discussed during the Expression Session as well as the measurements provided to create the custom costumes needed for each choreographic piece. 

4. Flash Fittings

We now offer two options for our Flash Fittings: We continue to offer in-person, at your studio location fittings for those who are comfortable having a Flash Design Company representative visit their studio. Alternatively, we now offer virtual fittings. With this option, the studio representative will schedule a fitting day/time with dancers at their studio location, a Flash Design Company representative will provide virtual guidance to a studio representative to ensure that each costume fits each performer correctly. Our goal is to educate our clients throughout the process, which allows them to have a unique and informed connection to their newly constructed works of art in addition to having a well made & functional garment to perform in.

5. Lights, Camera, Flash

Any/all adjustments and/or alterations that are noted during the Flash Fitting are now made to all costumes. Trims, rhinestones, beads, sequins, and all embellishments are also completed at this time. All the finishing touches will be accomplished at this step in the process. Our goal is to make an immediate and powerful visual statement for the dancers and their audience.

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