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At Flash Dance Company, we respect people’s orientation and gender identity. Using correct names and pronouns shows support, respect and acceptance; because of that, we encourage everyone to use inclusive language. A person’s pronoun is part of a person’s identity. We will take the time to learn a person’s pronouns, rather than making assumptions about how to refer to them. 

Community involvement is important to our brand. We have recently started our “Creating Inclusive Spaces” video series. Our goal is to provide education and resources for everyone within the dance community.  Please join the conversation surrounding language awareness: with each other, to each other, and for each other.

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Inclusive Language

Gender Neutral Language and Pronouns

Socially Charged Topics in Dance Performances

What is Custom Costuming?

Body Positive Language

Putting Your Best Foot Forward Virtually

Putting Your Best Foot Forward - Virtually

Putting Your Best Foot Forward - Virtually:
Look Your Best

Putting Your Best Foot Forward - Virtually: Tips and Tricks

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